For Realtors

Mainlands Section 6 recognizes the invaluable service Realtors and real estate agents provide to prospective homeowners seeking to purchase or rent within our community.
The Board of Directors and the Screening Committee of Mainlands Section 6 would like to remind all Realtors and agents of the following:
  • No home may be permanently occupied by anyone under the age of eighteen (18).
  • At least one permanent resident within a home must be over the age of fifty-five (55).
  • No home may be rented out until at least eighteen (18) months have passed from the time a property’s title is transferred.
  • Any and all potential property owners or lessors must complete and submit an Application Packet, along with the appropriate application fee and background check fee(s), plus any and all necessary documentation prior to the scheduling of a mandatory Screening Interview.
  • All applicants, purchasers, lessors or tenants, must successfully pass both a background check and screening interview before they can take up residency, or take ownership of a property