President’s Message

March 2020

It is with great regret that I had to accept the resignation of my Vice-President, Jim Meloy. All the unfinished business and ongoing problems we are facing required far more time than any of us anticipated. I thank him for his time, especially while I was in the hospital and he had to do it all alone. Ro Woodward has volunteered to be the new interim Vice-President for this term. She has had 20 yrs experience as a HOA president.

We have been in need of an irrigation representative for a long time. Richard Hamre has stepped forward to be the new irrigation representative for our community.

The most exciting news to tell you is the new roof contract has been signed and the permits have been applied for. Rick Clarke did a phenomenal job getting 3 bids from top rated roofers , in a short amount of time. He analyzed the bids and presented his suggestions to the board. We can expect work to begin in approx. 6 wks. The new building/ins codes required changing the flat roof to a sloping roof.

Another long-standing issue has been the leaking pools. While reviewing financial records, we discovered our water bills had increased by at least $400-500 a month for a few years. We discussed this with the pool man and he verified that it was a known issue for a long time. This costs more in chemicals also. I authorized the immediate repair of the west pool. The east pool will be fixed when the west pool is completed.

The Treasurer and Fin. Sec have deposited all the checks from 2019, that we had access to. New checks are now being processed in a timely manner. Bills have been sent out for past due delinquent accounts. Homeowners have time to make payments before these accounts are turned over to collections and/or liens on the property.

The blackout that occurred caused issues with the entrance to the buildings and pools. The fobs were not working either. Issues have been corrected.

Census will be completed before March 1st and the results submitted. We will maintain our 55 and over community status. Thank you to Lucille Gonzalo and all the volunteers who went door to door to collect the signatures.

Social events – Turn out has been picking up at all the events. The Valentine dinner dance was a tremendous success. We had a great DJ and the food was delicious.

– Horse racing had a $39 quinella carry over from Jan into the Feb race. Hope you were there for it.

– Texas Hold’em seems to be a success. More people are interested in learning to play poker. Juanita is a very patient teacher.

– Game day is increasing to 2 days of games for March. If you do not like coming out at night, then join us during the day for some activity.

COMPLIANCE: Be forewarned! Driveways need to be widened

– Stickers on your car are a must. Come to the office with the registration to get a sticker if you haven’t gotten one. Tamarac does not allow parking on the street overnight from 2 am to 6 am. There will be fines for parking on the grass or parking at the clubhouse parking lots. After the final notice, the next action will be a towed vehicle at your expense.

– Rentals – subletting rooms or airBnB is prohibited, as per our rules. Make arrangements for the removal of your tenants before fines on imposed on you. The address will be turned in as a leasing apt and you will lose your homestead/senior discount.

– households with children under 18 are prohibited. Fines will be imposed according to our documents that you signed. Unpaid fines will result in liens on the property.

Don Schultz