The following index of policies, often referred to as the Rules & Regulations of the Association, reflects all such governance documents currently in effect.

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Administration Policy # Policy Description
ADM-010 Policy Management
ADM-020 Policy Manual Access
ADM-030 Legal Authority, Idemnification & Liability Protection
ADM-040 Legal Counsel
ADM-050 Record Management and Retention
ADM-060 President’s Annual Report
ADM-070 Publication of Administrators
ADM-080 Social Director
ADM-090 District Representation
ADM-100 Member Appeals
B.O.D. Policy # Policy Description
BOD-010 Board Member Eligibility
BOD-020 Board Member Nominations
BOD-030 Term of Office
BOD-040 Board of Directors Jurisdiction
BOD-050 Board/Member Relationship
BOD-060 Board Member Induction
BOD-070 Board of Directors Actions
BOD-080 Board Member Resignation
BOD-090 Board Member Recall
BOD-100 Board Member Dismissal
BOD-110 Board of Directors Vacancies
BOD-120 Transfer of Records by Board Members
BOD-130 Presidential Succession
Committees Policy # Policy Description
COM-010 Committee Management
Contracts Policy # Policy Description
CON-010 Contract Execution
CON-020 Contract Review And Renewal
Facilities Policy # Policy Description
FAC-010 Borrowing Furnishings And Equipment
FAC-020 Swimming Pools
FAC-030 Kitchen Cleaning
Finance Policy # Policy Description
FIN-010 Accounting Methodology
FIN-020 Budget Management
FIN-030 Budget Preparation
FIN-040 Financial Management
FIN-050 Treasurer Reports
FIN-060 Asset Control
FIN-070 Fees And Assessments
FIN-080 Committee Advances
FIN-090 Estoppel Requests
Meetings Policy # Policy Description
MEE-005 Meeting Procedures
MEE-010 Regular Membership Meetings
MEE-020 Special Membership Meetings
MEE-030 Annual Meeting
MEE-040 Board Of Directors-Elect Meeting
MEE-050 Board Of Directors’ Meeting
MEE-060 Quorums
MEE-070 Uncompleted Business
Miscellaneous Policy # Policy Description
MIS-010 Contributions
MIS-020 Endorsements
MIS-030 Library Usage
MIS-040 Office Hours
MEE-050 Postal Mail Distribution
MIS-060 Website Confidentiality


Regulations Policy # Policy Description
REG-010 Member Privileges
REG-020 Responsibility For Guests
REG-030 Property Leasing
REG-040 Responsibility For Tenants
REG-050 Parking
REG-060 Records Access
REG-070 Fines
REG-080 Pets And Service Animals
REG-090 Postings And Notices
REG-100 Soliciting
REG-110 Yard Sales
REG-120 Hold Harmless Agreements
REG-130 IRS Form 1099-MISC
REG-140 Feeding Of Ducks
REG-150 Complaints
REG-160 Unsanitary Conditions
REG-170 Vehicle Repairs
REG-180 Rights Restriction Enforcement
REG-190 Replacement Fees
Residency Policy # Policy Description
RES-010 Application For Residency
RES-020 Property Owner Obligations
RES-030 Screenings
RES-040 Census (PROPOSED)
Votings Policy # Policy Description
VOT-010 Elections
VOT-020 Voting Methods
VOT-030 Voting Rights