The irrigation system in our community is very old and has been in need of serious repairs.

The system has been working on and off (as you know) and they have been rebuilding pumps, and dealing with the screens in the canal system.

All problems are usually addressed as soon as they are reported unless they need extensive repairs and/or pieces & parts that need to be ordered.

For sprinkler problems, please call:

John Doan at (912) 658-7906

Jim Daley at (954) 548-1885

Latest Updates

As most of you are aware, we have been having real problems delivering the irrigation water to our customers.

We spent lots of money last year repairing our pumps for pumping water out of the canal that crosses 50th Avenue between NW 51 Court and NW 52nd Street.

Then after the hurricane last year, we had several main pipes that carry the water from the pumps to the homes that were cracked or broken underground. This also took time to recognized and repair.

We now are having a problem getting the water out of the canal due to the algae buildup. We have had the problem on a much smaller scale in the last several years and it was taken care of by periodically having “divers” go in the canal by the pump inlets and clean the screens on the inlet pipes. The algae is a natural occurrence in shallow water, and the water is much shallower this year because the City of Tamarac has had the canals around Mainlands 6 lowered due to the flooding that we had last May with the heavy rains.

The developers of Manor Parc have had their canal management people try to help reduce the algae. The problem is that this algae forms a heavy mass that covers the inlet screens to the pumps (the big white pipes that slope into the canal). Since they are so dense, they clog the screens and keep the pumps from pulling up the water.
We will keep fighting the battle, and try to keep all of you informed of how we are doing.


To further assist our efforts, please feel free to submit the following form, which will go to the office and be directed to the proper person for assistance.