The irrigation system in our community is very old and has been in need of serious repairs.

The system has been working on and off (as you know) and they have been rebuilding pumps, and dealing with the screens in the canal system.

All problems are usually addressed as soon as they are reported unless they need extensive repairs and/or pieces & parts that need to be ordered.

For sprinkler problems, please call:

Honorel Jacques at (754) 220-5335

Jim Daley at (954) 548-1885

Latest Updates

As I am sure you are all aware, the irrigation system has not been functioning properly for the last several months.

Our original thoughts were that the problem was the high levels of algae that have taken hold since the City lowered the water levels in the canals. Although the algae is a big problem and it has been clogging the inlet screens to the pumps the problem is actually much bigger.

Due to the fact that the canal is basically terminated at 50th Ave. and the canal runs in the east west direction, sediment from the 60 or so years the canal has been there the west end of the canal where itterminates at 50th Ave. has filled with silt that is picked up in the water when it is windy. This has caused the water level to be extremely low, less than 6 inches in spots. The area where we have our inlet pipes for the pumps is also very low. This low level is a major problem for the algae control because it allows direct sunlight to reach the bottom of the canal which is what algae thrives on.

After several discussions with 13th Floor developers they are currently receiving bids from several contractors to find a solution. 

It is expected that in the next week the bids will be received and we will have an idea of the cost involved
and how to resolve the problem.

I will keep you all updated on what is happening and how we might address the problem.

Charles Matteson


To further assist our efforts, please feel free to submit the following form, which will go to the office and be directed to the proper person for assistance.