The irrigation system in our community is very old and has been in need of serious repairs.

The system has been working on and off (as you know) and they have been rebuilding pumps, and dealing with the screens in the canal system.

All problems are usually addressed as soon as they are reported unless they need extensive repairs and/or pieces & parts that need to be ordered.

For sprinkler problems, please call:

Honorel Jacques at (754) 220-5335

Jim Daley at (954) 548-1885

Latest Updates

The irrigation system is up and running again, and everyone should be getting
water that is on the system.

If you are not getting water or you have sprinkler heads that are not working or missing please call Jim Daley so he can come and fix the problem.

We want to thank all of you for your patience, it was a long time coming, but is now working.
Hopefully only normal maintenance will be required from this point


To further assist our efforts, please feel free to submit the following form, which will go to the office and be directed to the proper person for assistance.