The irrigation system in our community is very old and has been in need of serious repairs.

The system has been working on and off (as you know) and they have been rebuilding pumps, and dealing with the screens in the canal system.

All problems are usually addressed as soon as they are reported unless they need extensive repairs and/or pieces & parts that need to be ordered.

For sprinkler problems, please call:

John Doan at (912) 658-7906

Jim Daley at (954) 548-1885

June 2018 Update

As you are all aware, we have been having significant problems with the irrigation system recently.

The problem that we are having is that there is a significant hairy algae growth in the canal where we take the water for irrigation.

It has become a real problem and one of the biggest stumbling blocks is that the canal is not currently under anyone’s management. When the golf course was sold, it was sold to the Chaits then later the land was sold to 13th Floor, the parent company of Manor Parc. The canal was a different story, it was sold to the Chaits but they put it under a different corporation and was never sold or transferred and is still theoretically owned by a company that apparently no longer exists. This is a significant problem for us, because we only have rights to draw the water from the canal for irrigation. We do not have the right to do anything to the canal.

There was an apparent agreement between the city and Manor Parc to take control of the canal once the city was to gain ownership of the canal. To date apparently the city has not yet been able to obtain the rights to the canal.

The problem that we have is that with the years the canal has apparently been collecting sediment which has reduced the water level of the canal, add to that the city reduced the water levels in the canals in preparation for the rainy season. With the nutrients in the canal and the shallow water allows the sunshine to penetrate to the bottom of the canal and support nourish enhance the photosynthesis that is what allows the algae to flourish.

We will continue to try to work with the city and Manor Parc to try to find a resolution, but right now the algae are clogging the screens that protect the pumps from foreign materials that could destroy the pumps and the pumps can not get enough water to pump properly.


To further assist our efforts, please feel free to submit the following form, which will go to the office and be directed to the proper person for assistance.