The renovation of our clubhouse is now underway ... CLICK HERE ... to follow along photographically.


At the current time, this Association continues to operate under guidelines as put forward by the Governor of Florida and the Broward County Commission.

These guidelines incorporate all Covid-19 gathering measures which focus on the safety and precaution concepts advised by the CDC and other governmental agencies.

On April 4, 2021, the Board of Directors recognized a need to help eliminate meeting redundancy and approved a formal policy change that consolidated Board meetings with Membership meetings.

As a result, meetings of both bodies now run concurrently, subject to quorum requirements for each body.

All these meetings remain open to the public, but cautionary practices and social distancing are primary objectives at all times.

Currently, as the Clubhouse undergoes repair and renovation, these meetings are held either poolside under the clubhouse awning, or in the Library/Office building, but regardless, they will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, beginning promptly at 7:00 pm.

Unfortunately, the Library/Office space itself can often limit the number of attendees, so we will always make every possible effort to hold these meeting poolside.

Fortunately, recent improvements have been made to allow these meetings to be broadcast via Zoom to all Association Members and Residents who have subscribed to our official Mailing List. (See upper right corner of this page.)

As meeting guidelines are modified, updates will be posted on this page.